Today: 15.May.2021

Rauli Partanen, independent author on energy and its role in the environment and modern society. Nuclear power in Sweden has become uneconomical. Wholesale prices of electricity in Sweden have been much lower than the break even price for nuclear generation. Electricity has been sold at a record low price of €20 per megawatt hour (MWh), while the cost of generating nuclear power has been in the same ballpark, or even slightly higher. In addition, the Swedish government has set a tax on nuclear power, which has been steadily rising. After the latest hike, it amounts to about a third of the wholesale price, roughly €7 per MWh.

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Marita Noon, Advocate for sound energy policies and factual science, not computer models, based evaluation of CO2 from fossil fuels: On April 22, 2016 in a high-level celebration at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the Paris Climate Agreement of December, 2015 will officially be signed. Thirty days after its signing, the agreement will take effect—committing countries to establishing individual targets for emission reductions. Bureaucratically administered mandates, taxes, and special interest subsidies will drive family incomes down by thousands of dollars per year, drive up energy costs, and eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs. All of these costs would be incurred to achieve only trivial and theoretical impacts on global warming.

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Atul Loke - Developing countries that already have a high share of renewable energy in their power mix are unlikely to grow this share further due to skyrocketing demand for cheap electricity.

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Die kalte Sonne, Fritz Vahrenholt, Sebastian Luening - Die Kraniche kommen. Viele Tausend der majestätischen Vögel sind nach ihrem kräftezehrenden Nonstop-Flug aus dem Süden Europas jetzt im Anflug auf Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Die ausgewiesene Fläche für den Bau der Windkraftanlage befindet sich direkt im Hauptflugkorridor zwischen den Schlafplätzen und den Nahrungsgewässern für Kraniche. Die Auswirkungen einer industriellen Windenergieanlage auf dieses wertvolle Biotop sind immens

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