Today: 15.May.2021

Calvin Beisner, Cornwall Energy Alliance: This article clearly explains the importance of fossil fuels for people around the world, especially for those outside the First World without sufficient, reliable electrical energy and for those in the First World who can't afford to pay winter utility bills, because of politically mandated, very costly, unreliable wind and solar generated electricity.

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The Cornwall Alliance, led by E. Calvin Beisner, focuses on genuine energy needs to improve standards of living for humanity and protect the environment. Many so-called environmental organizations claim to be working for humanity and the environment, but actually are pursuing special agendas that can hurt mankind and the environment.

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John Droz is the publisher of "Energy and Environmental Newsletter." This is a sample newsletter showing types of topics covered. We encourage everyone to go to the link to read the actual articles.

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Link: Euan Mearns was born in India in October 1957 during the waning years of British colonialism. He returned to Scotland, earned a PhD in geology and owned a isotope geochemistry analysis and consulting business for the oil and gas industry. His real passion is to try to understand the various components of how The Earth energy system works and to educate politicians and the public on Energy Matters. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Aberdeen.

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