Today: 19.Jun.2021

This is a short video by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging on the value of nuclear medicine in diagnostics and treatment of various diseases.

This is a three and a half minute video explaining nuclear medicine in the simplest of terms. It talks about radiation, diagnosis and treatment.

European Association of Nuclear Medicine: Heart catheterizations for assessing coronary heart disease are often unnecessary and can be replaced with functional cardiac imaging techniques. This is the result of a large-scale study recently conducted in the UK. “Functional cardiac imaging is less risky and less costly while providing accurate and reliable results. It is a good diagnostic starting point that should serve as gatekeeper for angiography.

European Association of Nuclear Medicine: Prostate cancer patients who are resistant to hormone treatment used to have a poor prognosis. Until recently, the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities had been limited, but now innovative developments in nuclear medicine imaging and therapy open up promising pathways. Novel substances used with PET/CT (positron-emission tomography combined with computed tomography) not only allow for better diagnosis but also offer treatment options where other therapies have failed.