Molybdenum-99, Technetium-99m MURR

Gene Cramer
USA Canada
World Nuclear News

World Nuclear News, Gene Cramer: Update on production of Molybdenum 99 in the United States. A license amendment request has been submitted to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to allow the University of Missouri Research Reactor to produce medical isotope molybdenum-99, partners MURR, Nordion and General Atomics announced yesterday. Once operational, production from MURR will be capable of meeting nearly half of US demand for the isotope, which is currently imported from outside North America. Nordion expects to start receiving Mo-99 from MURR in mid- to late-2018. Technetium-99m is a nuclear isomer of technetium-99. It is known as the most commonly used medical radioisotope because of its use in tens of millions of medical procedures annually.


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