Clive James, Australia - In Memoriam

Australia, UK
GWPF - Global Warming Policy Forum
Australia is far away from many pollution sources around the world. It has unique life forms on land and in the sea. For this country to be stopping use of fossil fuels and imposing wind and solar energy is a tragedy. Clive James,, and Viv Forbes,, are admirable realists. Australia also has serious man-made global warming alarmists - Ben Heard,, and Barry Brook U. of Tasmania..

Clive James, poet, writer, realist about man-made global warming: Newcomers to this site will soon discover, I hope, that it is meant to be rather more than an archive of my own work. It started out that way, but merciful Providence intervened to remind me that my belated brain-wave might be more useful if I could put a lifetime’s experience as a cultural critic to a new use, and so offer a critical guide, through the next medium, to works of thought and art by other people, and sometimes in other eras. The only criterion for inclusion would be intensity of expression, with the aim of creating, in this latterday Babelic flux we call the web, an island of quality where every word is meant, and every image meaningful.


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