Not for thee but for me

Vijay Jayaraj
Cornwall Alliance
Vijay Jayaraj is an environmental scientist and writer about the environment humanity and energy. His essays show how preposterous and arrogant the goals of anti-fossil fuel global warming alarmists are. Yet many leaders in the western world glorify man-made global warming alarmists starting in Germany and the United States. Someday the world will listen to this outstanding environmental realist and others like him.

Vijay Jayaraj, Climate Scientist, Contributor to Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: Greta Thunberg, the child activist, wants the poor in developing countries to abandon fossil fuel, thereby denying them an opportunity to move above the poverty line. As a person who witnesses poverty on an everyday basis, I recommend that Greta does not meddle with the development goals of poor nations or threaten the democratically elected leaders of sovereign nations, as she has done, repeatedly.


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