China's dramatic improvements in standard of living, infrastructure

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Present day Shanghai skyline. China has become the manufacturer to the world for many essential things and the source of essential minerals. This has been good for China and other countries. But is in not good to have the manufacturing and mining of essential minerals be so concentrated in one country.

Sebastian Luening, paleo-geologist at posted an article about this report by Jim Gordon that describes the tremendous progress China has made in becoming a strong economy and improving the country's infrastructure. China is the world's leader in manufacturing, mining of essential minerals, development and use of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Who can criticize China for helping their people? What countries are keeping up with their own improvements? Why is most of the world falling so far behind? Meanwhile in North America and Europe extremist environmental organizations, catastrophic global warming organizations and their partners in government are imposing energy policies to stop use of fossil fuels and nuclear power and switch to very dilute, variable, not always available wind and solar energy. They teach catastrophic man-made global warming from fossil fuels and encourage wind and solar energy in schools and universities in North America, Europe and Australia!!! . Wahnsinn!!!! Madness!!!! WHY????


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