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Guus Berkhout
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Deaths from loss of reliable energy will sky-rocket, if governments force billions of people to use wind and solar energy.

The Netherlands became a prosperous country by excelling in many sectors. Excellence was based on a well-educated work force. Let me mention the engineers in our energy sector who provided affordable, reliable, and clean energy 24/7. Let me also mention the professionals in our public transport system that was widely praised for its punctuality and comfort. And let me especially mention our agricultural sector, which is seen worldwide as a textbook example of how to farm intensively in an increasingly sustainable way. And I could go on and on. The Netherlands was a country to be proud of. How could it go so wrong in such a short time?

With all due respect, our country has for many years been governed by ministers who no longer have a clue about their portfolio. Because of their incompetence they are an easy prey for militant groups and cunning lobbyists. As a result, rules and laws have been made that completely miss the point. Instead of solving problems, crises are created. As a result, we see the number of crises piling up. Step by step, every economic and social sector becomes a victim of the incompetence of the government. It seems as if every successful national activity must be destroyed, preferably before 2030.

In today's Dutch public sector, the motto is, "Forbidden to think, we work exclusively with protocols and checklists. Even worse, those top-down protocols are increasingly coming from fanatical alarmists and bigoted ecologists. What a depressing work environment!


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