7 Dead Wrong Environmental Predictions From Earth Day 1970

Andrew Follett
The Daily Caller News Foundation
The only thing that comes close to the dire predictions of the first Earth Day is that the United States is coming apart at the seams and its wheels are falling off. See Detroit California. Most of the rest of the world particularly China is making real progress toward better lives for billions. This photo shows a completely modern rebuild of the ancient Chinese city - Shanghai. In the USA upkeep of urban areas and infrastructure is neglected while the cost of political campaigns mushrooms and simple truth in campaign language vanishes.

Andrew Follett, energy and science reporter for The Daily Caller: On the first Earth Day in 1970, famous extreme environmentalists and university professors made profound predictions of global catastrophes to happen in the next 30 years. They didn't happen. Instead the world got a lot better. Heeding predictions by extreme environmentalists is a disaster for the world.


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