Financiers of Death - part 2

CFACT, Driessen, Paul

Paul Driessen, senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: It’s easy to farm organically in the wealthy, advanced EU and USA, where consumers can afford much more expensive organic meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It’s much harder if you have to deal with the insects and crop diseases that plague African farmers on constant massive levels and locusts that bring true catastrophes every few decades. That modern pesticides might save billions of dollars of crops every year and stop locusts before they can swarm by the tens of billions never seems to occur, or matter, to those who demand nothing but organic for Africa. The cabal of anti-biotech, anti-pesticide, agro-ecology pressure groups launch attacks, aided by the growing network of ideologically like-minded donors that helped magnify anti-technology programs and messages – often while insulating the big financiers from direct connections to the radical, callous, eco-imperialist pressure groups.


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