The East Slams The Wests Climate Colonialism

Vijay Jayaraj
CO2 Coalition
Besides having magnificent large wild animals, India is also home to excellent education, skilled doctors, scientists, engineers, and some of the world's tastiest foods. Europe and North America have too many climate alarmists in government and universities and McDonalds.

“The colonial mindset hasn’t gone,” said Modi at a Constitution Day event. “We are seeing from developed nations that the path that made them developed is being closed for developing nations… If we talk about absolute cumulative (carbon) emissions, rich nations have emitted 15 times more from 1850 till now… The per capita emission is also 11 times more in the U.S. and the EU.”

Since the 1960s, the world has been in a war of alarmists' words that will have worse consequences than any war fought with bombs and bullets. This must be stopped.



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