The decline of serious science means the end of industrial society

Uli Weber
Kalte Sonne
Alarmists, anti-fossil fuel, and anti-nuclear protestors want to force the world to go back to the way of life prior to the early 1800s. This will mean reduction of world population by more than seven billion people. No war, dictator, famine, or plague has done that much destruction.

Uli Weber, geophysicist and author of Klimahysterie ist keine Loesung: Today publicly supported good people believe in all sorts of national and international political or scientific committees of the western industrialized nations that digital money has always been there and only needs to be printed out by a fully electric self-driving central bank in order to be able to give it away with full hands. Both the belief in a self-inflating abundance of economic resources and its ritual sacrifice for a higher purpose herald an era of anti-caliphation in the western industrialized nations.


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