False reverence for Greta Thunberg

Thomas Schmid
Germany Sweden
Kalte Sonne
The world is full of beauty and wonder: plants, animals, life in oceans, and humans - especialy those who have less material wealth. But everyone needs the benefts of fossil fuels, nuclear power and their by-products. We will let false alarmists take these gifts of the universe away from all humanity.

Thomas Schmid, German speaker, author, journalist, leader of discussions of new and old books: Basically, the Swedish preacher rejects the entire universe of the Western world. Greta Thunberg is not the solitaire she performs. It has not brought a fundamentally new topic into the political arena. It is part of a well-known movement that flourished, especially in the interior of the Western world of well-being, with its wonderful but dangerous willingness to doubt everything. Political leaders who give Greta their time and attention act like political ABC shooters. Then they immediately return to their agenda.


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