PAPAL PROPAGANDA - Lies of Utopian Pope

Catholic Church, Pope Francis, Elizaabeth Yore
Vatican USA
State and local governments are mandating conversion from coal fired electric generating plants to wind and solar. Severe wind storms destroy solar panel electric generating farms. Blizzards shut them down. There is no logic in the Popes leadership about use of fossil fuels. Many faithful accept that.

Elizabeth Yore, website:, international child rights attorney, contributing author to and other publications. Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio): After 7 years, a dangerous pattern is emerging from this papacy. The papal disguise is gone, as Bergoglio blatantly promotes the UN Agenda 21 of environmentalism, socialism, and globalism. His beloved commandments are not the Biblical 10, but rather the 17 UN Sustainable Development (Depopulation) Goals which he incessantly promotes as models of good citizenship and global governance. He insists that the world replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and biofuels (?). Fossil fuels made the wonderful modern world and are not the primary cause of climate change. It is and always has been driven by natural processes. Wind, solar and biofuels don't come close to being able to replace fossil fuels and nuclear.


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