Freeman Dyson RIP

National Review, Bryce, Robert

Acclaimed physicist Freeman Dyson, who pondered the origins of life, interstellar travel and many other topics, died February 28, 2020 at the age of 96. Dyson was without doubt a genius. He was a polymath whose interests included mathematics, number theory, biology, physics, nuclear energy, space travel, weaponry, and arms control. Rather than demonize energy and energy producers, Dyson focused on equity, human development, and the need for more energy so that more poverty-stricken people can live better lives. “The humanist ethic begins with the belief that humans are an essential part of nature,” he wrote. “Humans have the right and the duty to reconstruct nature so that humans and biosphere can both survive and prosper. For humanists, the highest value is harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.”


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