US economic self-immolation over Covid-19

Bill Molooney, Terry Donze

Bill Moloney, Fellow in Conservative Thought at Colorado Christian University 's Centennial Institute and a former Colorado Commissioner of Education: Closely examining data on the first 58,000 Covid-19 deaths, a study shows that 80% of Covid-19 deaths (about 46,000) occurred among Americans over 65 (15% of U.S. population). The remaining 12,000 deaths occurred among the 85% of the population under 65 (about 278 million people). Conclusion, since there is a "big threat to a small percentage of our population and a small threat to the overwhelming majority," we should organize our reopening strategies accordingly. Several trillion dollars have been "issued" by the federal government for short-term "fixes." Such issuing of "money" has never happened before. Are there smarter ways of protecting life and maintaining a healthy economy? Suffering of millions out of work, lacking money for food in economies dependent on strong American and European economies is another huge problem.


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