Elvis' song about the ghetto

Eidson, John

John Eidson, writer, analyst for energy, climate change, government policies, retired electrical engineer, independent voter: Intro to John Eidson's article by John Shanahan, Editor of allaboutenergy.net. John Eidson lives in Georgia, USA. He was trained as an engineer. Due to life-long health issues and fate, his career went in other directions. He is spending this decade with limited vision reading and writing about problems in America. He has always been an Independent in politics. In order to have a great modern world, we need plenty of energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power, managed by leaders with knowledge and integrity working for the good of all. What Elvis sings about here, I have personally experienced in Europe and Asia towards minorities of all colors. With a little respect and kindness, those minorities look at me and with a broad smile say, "Thank you Americain!" (sic). For sixty years, people have been saying the problems are caused by others and never consider how they are part of the problem. That has to change or this will never end.


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