America's Founding Is The Greatest Anti-Slavery Movement

Krannawitter, Thomas, James, John

Thomas Krannawitter, Ph.D.former professor dedicated to Declaration of Independence culture in America. John E James candidate for U.S. Senate: Independence Day 2020, is vitally important that we reflect upon that greatest of all anti-slavery documents, the Declaration of Independence. That document launched the greatest abolitionist movement in human history: the United States of America. Slavery is old. Slavery is older than human history, stretching back thousands of years to prehistoric times, before written historical records were kept. -- John James, businessman, Army veteran and second-time Republican candidate for Senate in Michigan, waded into the debate about social mobility when he declared that the United States is the “only country where you can go from slave to candidate for U.S. Senate in four generations and poverty to prosperity in one,”


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