Our Decaying Civilization

Eidson, John

John Eidson, writer, analyst for energy, climate change, government policies, retired electrical engineer, independent voter: Many pro-nuclear advocates insist that the whole world can have nuclear power in fifty years because Belgium, Canada, China, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the USA have had considerable success. This does not consider that the nuclear design and construction industry in the West looks like some of America's abandoned inner cities, America's nuclear power plans have been destroyed by anti-nuclear extremists like John Holdren, Thomas Cochran and Frank von Hippel, America's regulatory agencies aim to make nuclear as expensive as possible and what began as Atoms For Peace ignores that throughout history mankind has been out to kill and conquer. New designs should include this aspect. John Eidson describes the situation in the United States since the 1970s.


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