A Synthesis of Discovery About SarsCov-2 in the USA

Boone, Jon

Jon Boone, environmentalist, naturalist, bird and nature artist, wind energy expert: Jon Boone is a self-made expert, life-long student, author and painter of nature - birds in particular - the follies of wind and solar energy, and most recently, the SarsCOV-2 virus. This article is an excellent synthesis of discovery about SarsCov-2 in the USA. There are two bitterly divided camps on how to manage health care for the virus and keep the economy going. This is an excellent summary by Jon Boone. For the other side see the Center for Disease Control and Dr. Fauci. As with so many things in North America and Europe now-a-days, there are two sides of the discussions: one is right, the other terribly wrong. You decide.


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