Today: 15.May.2021

John Eidson, electrical engineer: The Scientific Method is the greatest approach ever devised for winnowing scientific truth from scientific fraud. As explained in the article below, an indispensable component of the scientific method has been IGNORED by research that underpins man-made global warming theory. That indispensable component is known as the Null Hypothesis.

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John Eidson, electrical engineer: Fed a constant diet of economic lies by anti-capitalists in our society, the millennial generation has been conned into believing that the wealthy get rich only by stealing an unfair slice of America’s economic pie. By taking more than their fair share, the theory goes, greedy corporate CEOs leave little but crumbs for everyone else. Such thinking is referred to as the zero sum theory of economics: that there is only one finite-sized pie to go around. In truth, America does not have a finite economic pie. Rather, it has a virtually unlimited supply of ever-evolving economic pies of varying sizes waiting to be made by enterprising people from every race and every income group.

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John Eidson, electrical engineer: Dr. Happer is one of the best of the best when it comes to knowing about the atmosphere. But because he has doubts about man-made global warming theory, the alarmists who try to scare kids about the climate don’t like him and say ugly things about him. He doesn’t let that bother him. He just does what he’s always done—give his good faith scientific opinion and let the people who don’t like that he speaks his mind say whatever they want. See this short, interesting video. Enjoy life and nature.

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John Eidson, electrical engineer: Many of you know this wonderful news. I am just celebrating the return of great natural beauty. Word from Arizona is that they are seeing varieties of flowers blossom this spring that haven't bloomed in many decades. How do desert plants survive decades without enough water and then display such beauty?

The purpose of catastrophic man-made global warming alarmism is not that the alarmists know how to predict the climate decades into the future when they can't predict the weather one week ahead or that the alarmist computer models have duplicated any of the past billion years of climate change or that they can reverse man-made climate change as the US government claimed in 2015-16.

The purpose is to impose a harsh new world order controlled by a few very self-centered, selfish individuals with little real science background.

Which is a bigger threat: nuclear war or false climate war? Harm from nuclear power and fossil fuel generating stations or no electricity due to real weather variability of extremely dilute wind and solar energy?


Published in USA
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