Today: 15.May.2021

John Eidson, electrical engineer: Despite what the people who try to frighten kids say, it doesn’t look like polar bears are being wiped out by anything. They’ve been around for a long, long time, including many periods when Earth was much warmer than it is today. These big white bears are resilient animals that have always known how to figure things out when there’s less ice.

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John Eidson, electrical engineer: The people who try to scare kids about global warming say that picture shows that polar bears are starving due to melting Arctic ice that’s driving away seals, their primary food source. Maybe the bear was so old that it could no longer hunt. Maybe its mother died before she could teach it how to find other prey when the local seal population migrates. Or maybe the people who took that picture went to the Arctic on a mission to find a skinny polar bear to photograph no matter how long it took. Alternate possibilities for that bear’s condition are never mentioned by the people who lead kids to think that a picture of a skinny polar bear is proof that global warming is destroying the planet.

Published in USA

John Eidson, electrical engineer: There are more polar bears in Canada today than 30 years ago. Of the 13 polar bear subpopulations in Canada, 11 are stable, one is increasing and only one is in decline. In the expert opinion of Dr. Mitchell Taylor, polar bear expert, these bears are not being wiped out by climate change or anything else. His research shows they’re flourishing! Dr. Susan Crockford is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Victoria in Canada. With 35 years experience, she’s a certified expert on the evolution of polar bears. In the 1960s there were an estimated 10,000 polar bears in the world. By 2015, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimated the number had risen to as high as 31,000. Because their good faith scientific opinions upset the people who try to scare kids by saying that polar bears are being killed off by global warming, Dr. Crockford and Dr. Taylor are demonized as “climate deniers.” They’re not denying that climate change is real—the climate is always changing. What they dispute is that polar bears are dying out. The best available population estimates support their view.

Published in USA
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