Today: 26.Jul.2021

John Shanahan, civil engineer, editor The American 2020 election in November will have perhaps the biggest consequences of any election in its history. CHOICE ONE: huge, even one-world government, where a few ideologues opposed to rules for a Republic established by the Founding Fathers pretend to solve all the country's energy, economic and social problems. CHOICE TWO: small government with maximum freedom for all. The choices are crystal clear and will take the United States either to a beautiful place with plentiful energy and prosperity or to where everyone is dependent on the government in a miserable economy. Wind and solar energy or fossil fuels and nuclear power. Don't decide on the personalities of the individual candidates. Decide on what they will deliver for you and our country.

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Michael Shellenberger, Environmental Progress: There is a recurring puzzle in the history of the environmental movement: Why do green activists keep promoting policies that are harmful not only to humans but also to the environment? Michael Shellenberger is determined to solve this problem, and he is singularly well qualified. Mr. Shellenberger wants to woo them to an alternative faith that he calls environmental humanism, which is committed to the “transcendent moral purpose of universal human flourishing and environmental progress.” It is something to be leader of a new faith.

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Bill Moloney, Fellow in Conservative Thought at Colorado Christian University 's Centennial Institute and a former Colorado Commissioner of Education: Closely examining data on the first 58,000 Covid-19 deaths, a study shows that 80% of Covid-19 deaths (about 46,000) occurred among Americans over 65 (15% of U.S. population). The remaining 12,000 deaths occurred among the 85% of the population under 65 (about 278 million people). Conclusion, since there is a "big threat to a small percentage of our population and a small threat to the overwhelming majority," we should organize our reopening strategies accordingly. Several trillion dollars have been "issued" by the federal government for short-term "fixes." Such issuing of "money" has never happened before. Are there smarter ways of protecting life and maintaining a healthy economy? Suffering of millions out of work, lacking money for food in economies dependent on strong American and European economies is another huge problem.

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John Shanahan, civil engineer, editor Prosperity and longer lifespan are closely linked with availability of energy from fossil fuels and nuclear. Extremists working against freedom and capitalism are determined to take this energy away. Elected officials in North America are working with them to gain power. They have been at it since 1970. This must stop.

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