Today: 14.May.2021

XIAMEN, China (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping urged BRICS nations to deepen coordination on global matters, and push for a more “just” world order, by boosting representation for emerging and developing countries in international bodies. “BRICS countries should push for a more just and reasonable international order.”

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John Holdren, Science Advior to President Barack Obama: The essence of the energy-climate challenge: • Without energy there is no economy, • Without climate there is no environment, • Without economy and environment there is no material well-being, no civil society, no personal or national security The essence of the challenge is that the world has long been getting most of the energy its economies need in ways that are now seriously disrupting the climate its environment needs.

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Seth Wynes, Kimberly Nicholas: Current anthropogenic climate change is the result of greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere, which records the aggregation of billions of individual decisions. Here we consider a broad range of individual lifestyle choices and calculate their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. We recommend four widely applicable high-impact (i.e. low emissions) actions with the potential to contribute to systemic change and substantially reduce annual personal emissions: having one fewer child, living car-free, avoiding airplane travel and eating a plant-based diet. These actions have much greater potential to reduce emissions than commonly promoted strategies like comprehensive recycling or changing household lightbulbs.

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Sebastian Luening, Geologist, Paleontologist, publisher of website Das Klimaestablishment hat sich jahrelang bequem eingerichtet. Mithilfe des Klimaalarms wurde politischer Druck aufgebaut, der eigene Bereich erhöht und Fördermittel abgegriffen. Niemand konnte ein Interesse daran haben, dieses praktische und einträgliche System zu verlassen. Es macht daher Sinn, den klimatischen Status Quo durch unabhängige, unbelastete Forscher prüfen zu lassen. Dies ist ein klassischer “Red Team”-Ansatz, der in großen Firmen gelebt wird.

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