Today: 21.Apr.2021

Howard Cork Hayden, Emeritus Professor of Physics: Nobody at COP-22 was discussing atmospheric energy transport, gave talks about computer modeling, talked about measurements, talked about instrumentation, nor talked about atmospheric dynamics. Make no mistake about it: COP-22 was about money and (political) power. The same thing has happened 21 times before. Neither China, the United States, nor any other nation can get enough energy from sunbeams, breezes, and chicken manure, the energy sources favored by the delegates to any of the COP gatherings.

Published in USA

Calvin Beisner is founder and national spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: The stakes in the discussion of use of fossil fuels and whether they are having a catastrophic influence on Earth's climate couldn't be higher. Not only scientists, but leaders of the world's most influential countries and religious organizations are involved. How many of them have their feet on the ground and speak with reasoning based on the Scientific Method, essential to understanding the physical universe?

Published in Vatican City

Steven Lyazi is a member of the EFN-USA Board of Advisors in Kampala, Uganda. He writes about how African countries desperately need more energy from fossil fuels and eventually nuclear power. Working to reduce use of fossil fuels and nuclear is another person of African roots, Barack Obama, President of the United States. He promotes wind and solar for the world. We encourage support for this outstanding young person and others like him from Uganda. It is an effective way to help make a better future for Africans.

Published in Uganda

Ulrich Weber, Geophysiker: Die Grundlage unseres Lebensstandards ist die industrielle Wertschöpfung durch Nutzung fossiler und atomarer Energieträger, ebenso wie unsere statistisch nahezu verdoppelte Lebenserwartung gegenüber „ökologischen“ Gesellschaften auf der alleinigen Grundlage von Ackerbau und Viehzucht.

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