Today: 15.May.2021

Ken Haapala, SEPP, The Science and Environmental Policy Project: Richard Lindzen, Sloan Emeritus Professor of Meteorology at, MIT: None of the political policies dealing with the announced man-made climate change alarms will have much impact on greenhouse gases. Thus we will continue to benefit from the one thing that can be clearly attributed to elevated carbon dioxide: namely, its effective role as a plant fertilizer, and reducer of the drought vulnerability of plants.

Patrick Moore, Ph.D. in Ecology, founding member of Greenpeace, who turned realist. "I love nature and people are part of nature - all people and all living things. I believe in one human family. Environmentalism must be beyond nationalism, politics and ideology." This study looks at the positive environmental effects of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions, a topic which has been well established in the scientific literature but which is far too often ignored in the current discussions about climate change policy. All life is carbon based and the primary source of this carbon is the CO₂ in the global atmosphere and hydrosphere.

I strongly disagree with Berry, Salby etc who claim human CO2 emissions are not the main cause of the rise in CO2 in the atmosphere. Our emissions are the only large new addition of CO2 on an annual basis, CO2 that was sequestered out of the active carbon cycle millions of years ago. No one has even attempted to refute my hypothesis , they simply ignore it because it destroys their narrative of climate catastrophe.

Published in Canada

Kelvin Kemm is a nuclear physicist and Chairman of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation. He is also CEO of Nuclear Africa a nuclear consulting and advisory organization for all Africa: He offers a good answer to the question: Is carbon dioxide from fossil fuels a pollutant? What should be done? The scientific, technology and economic leadership in South Africa is an excellent example for most other countries, United States included.

Published in South Africa

John Shanahan, Civil Engineer, Editor of and Many people say that we must get rid of meats, modern agriculture and fossil fuels because they produce "a pollutant," carbon dioxide. This idea is abhorrent to many. It will kill billions of people and stop modern civilization dead in its tracks. Carbon dioxide is non-toxic at any historic atmospheric level. It is an essential molecule of life. At, we want to keep using fossil fuels, modern agriculture, etc. We want clean water, air and land. We want to preserve wilderness, wildlife habitat and biodiversity. We don’t need cities and farms everywhere, killing off most wildlife, having only mono-culture farms across the planet. We want nuclear energy as soon as possible for everyone qualified to use it.

Published in USA
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