Today: 14.May.2021

Pierre Gosselin, mechanical and civil engineer, advocate for sound use of the best energy sources: Progress is not achieved by abandoning development Imagine if the Wright Brothers had abandoned flight after the first mishap, only listening to the voices of fear that heavy objects have no place in the air and that it isn’t possible to eliminate accidents? Imagine if society had abandoned the automobile after the first deadly accident? Imagine if early doctors had been prevented from attempting surgery on a seriously ill person. Of course, if humans had given up after every failure, we’d still be in the Stone Ages – if not extinct.

Published in Germany

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of The Saltbush Club, Australia: The Great Generation created our present world and left many useful assets as their monuments. The Green Generation is destroying our future. The way things are heading, the lasting monuments to the Green Generation will be the skeletons of abandoned solar “farms” overgrown by lantana scrub, the concrete foundations of bankrupt wind “farms”, and spider-webs of useless sagging transmission lines and towers.

Published in Australia

Paul Driessen, senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: About the most charitable thing one can say about Nazi ethics is that they were perversely conflicted and schizophrenic. People clearly occupied a lower niche than animals on their “moral and ethical” hierarchy. Sadly, the same observations apply to the more rabid elements of modern environmentalism. Ironically, in the name of “keeping fossil fuels in the ground” to “save the planet” from “dangerous manmade climate change” and other imagined calamities, radical greens also demand actions that would ultimately destroy the very habitats and wildlife they claim to love. Their own words underscore their attitudes.

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Michel Gay: En premier lieu, on peut étre écologiste et souteneir la production d'électricité nucléaire comme un des moyens pour assurer la transition énergétique et, plus généralement, la transition écologique. Ensuite, les centrales nucléaires, notamment les réacteurs surgénérateurs de la prochaine génération IV répondent à tous les critéres définis dans le Livre Blanc sur le financement de la transition écologique publié en novembre 2013.

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