Today: 29.Jul.2021

Jon Boone, environmentalist, naturalist, bird and nature artist, wind energy expert: Jon Boone is a self-made expert, life-long student, author and painter of nature - birds in particular - the follies of wind and solar energy, and most recently, the SarsCOV-2 virus. This article is an excellent synthesis of discovery about SarsCov-2 in the USA. There are two bitterly divided camps on how to manage health care for the virus and keep the economy going. This is an excellent summary by Jon Boone. For the other side see the Center for Disease Control and Dr. Fauci. As with so many things in North America and Europe now-a-days, there are two sides of the discussions: one is right, the other terribly wrong. You decide.

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Paul Driessen, senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: On multiple levels – federal, state and local ... hospitals, industries, armed forces and nursing homes – the United States and nearly every other country seem to have been woefully underprepared for the Coronavirus that came roaring out of Wuhan, China at the end of 2019. If all these countries were paying so little attention to these recurrent pandemics, and spending so little money preparing for them – what WERE they focusing on? The answer is allegedly “dangerous man-made global warming and climate change.” In other words, very little on diseases that hit humanity very hard and quite often – versus enormous, inordinate amounts on a supposed threat that exists primarily in computer models and media headlines, and assumes Earth’s climate was stable and near-perfect until a few decades ago. Most of the Main Stream Media, universsities and National Academies of Science agree with these Wunderkinder.

Bill Moloney, Fellow in Conservative Thought at Colorado Christian University 's Centennial Institute and a former Colorado Commissioner of Education: Closely examining data on the first 58,000 Covid-19 deaths, a study shows that 80% of Covid-19 deaths (about 46,000) occurred among Americans over 65 (15% of U.S. population). The remaining 12,000 deaths occurred among the 85% of the population under 65 (about 278 million people). Conclusion, since there is a "big threat to a small percentage of our population and a small threat to the overwhelming majority," we should organize our reopening strategies accordingly. Several trillion dollars have been "issued" by the federal government for short-term "fixes." Such issuing of "money" has never happened before. Are there smarter ways of protecting life and maintaining a healthy economy? Suffering of millions out of work, lacking money for food in economies dependent on strong American and European economies is another huge problem.

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Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club: Suppose an obese alcoholic 80-year-old with hips replaced, diabetes, heart bypass, inflammation and high blood pressure gets the flu, then pneumonia, tests positive to Covid and dies. What is recorded as the cause of death? It depends on who wants the figures and why. Too often, politics and economics determine the outcome.

Published in Pandemic - COVID-19
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