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No reason to fear low radiation - Jerry Cuttler

Jerry Cuttler
Energy Policy Committee, Michigan House of Represntatives
This weather vane on a barn in Cornwall, England shows what life was like before fossil fuels and nuclear power. Deliberately caused unfounded fear of low dose radiation will drive the world back to this misserable living standard.

Jerry Cuttler, Ph.D. Nuclear Sciences and Engineering, past president of Canadian Nuclear Society. Is it safe to be exposed to low-level radiation? You can go to two different places for answers: 1) If you go to the radiation protection people, whose job it is to protect everyone from any exposure to radiation (human-made), you'll find there’s a higher risk of cancer. 2) But, if you go out into the real world, who do you know that’s ever been harmed by low-level radiation? There’s just no evidence of that. There are beneficial effects of low radiation from medical practitioners ~1900 to ~1960, to eliminate metastases or slow cancer growth, accelerate healing of wounds, stop infections: gas gangrene, carbuncles and boils, sinus, inner ear, pneumonia, and treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.