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Linear No-Threshold Model for low dose radiation - a failure

Charles Pennington, Jeffrey Siegel

Charles Pennington, consultant in spent nuclear fuel storage/transport and radiological design and licensing. Jeffrey Siegel, President and CEO of Nuclear Physics Enterprises.: As we all know, the data supporting the LNT model have long purported to show, from low-dose ionizing radiation data and analyses at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the "proof" (or at least justification) of the LNT model. That model has been on a respected pedestal for decades, but with some rebuttal/refutation. We have attempted to remove it from this undeservedly exalted position and essentially undermine it using its own data (LNT is false - linearity at low dose is nonexistent and there is a threshold) and we also highlight other significant causalities more likely to be responsible for the LSS carcinogenesis than low-dose radiation exposure.