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Reassessing radiation safety

Edward Calabrese, Mikko Paunio
USA Finland

Edward Calabrese, Professor of Toxicology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, Mikko Paunio, MD, professor of epidemiology, University of Helsinki: Theadoptionoftheso-called‘linearno-thresholdassumption’(hereafterLNT),whichisusedto estimate cancer risks in the low-dose zone, was due to a series of difficult-to-comprehenderrors, deceptions and purposeful scientific misconduct by a relatively small group of strate-gically placed scientific elites in the United States. These factual errors and misrepresentations were enveloped and advanced by the error-making experts to ensure the LNT assumption’s adoption across the globe. Regulators thennever looked back, never thought they might be wrong or considered that they might havebeen misled.