ANS - HPS Conference 2018, [] [] 1 - Summary - Applicability of Radiation Response Models to Low Dose Radiation Protection Standards

Two very young Tibetan children diligently doing math homework while sitting on a sidewalk in Lhasa, Tibet in 1996 (photo by John Shanahan)

Alan Waltar, Chair, ANS - HPS Conference September 30 - October 3, 2018, Pasco, Washington, USA: The main question for this conference is how the radiation protection standards should be updated to more closely reflect reality rather than the arbitrary Linear No Threshold model used for the last sixty years. The path forward and the total impact of the meeting will be dependent on how well the information from this meeting is accepted, disseminated and incorporated into decisions related to the control of radiation exposures. We, the organizing committee, have made a commitment to continue to work with the collected data and the concept of true optimization to insure that indeed this meeting has a long lasting impact on our understanding of the underlying science of radiation exposure, along with the regulations associated with protecting the public with adequate and appropriate radiation standards.


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