Discard the LNT No-Threshold Model of Radiation Dose-Response

Ed Calabrese - John Dale Dunn

NOTE: John Dale Dunn, JD, MD: This transcript of Dr. Ed Calabrese's interview is quite revealing about science, research, and development of scientific theories. Dr. Calabrese blew up the pet theory of the leftist science and media segment--there is no safe_____ (fill in the blank), when he introduced and proved up the dose/response hormesis "paradigm" to oppose the linear no threshold theory promoted by the anti nuke professoriat in the late 40s and then expanded to general toxicology since.

Linear no threshold toxicology and radiation biophysics is very convenient for enviros so it is their favorite explanation of everything but a sensible person with some science experience can't help but know what Paracelsus said so long ago--the dose makes the poison.

I like transcripts to give me a chance to think, so I recommend the transcript--and there is a great story of dissemination of ideas involving baboons--you will be impressed with the point Calabrese makes about the social nature of science and scientific theory development.


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