Myths about nuclear energy and exagerated radiation dangers

Jerry Cuttler
American Council on Science and Health Staff

Jerry Cuttler, D.Sc. in nuclear sciences and engineering, recipient of 2011 International Dose-Response Society Award for Outstanding Career Achievement:

His main focus was on the enhanced fear of radiation effects subsequent to the tsunami-induced damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan in March of 2011.

Some of his main points bear repeating:

• Fukushima radiation same as natural background radiation

• Evacuation resulted in 1600 premature deaths

• Precautionary action was not conservative

• Chronic radiation is beneficial < 700 mGy/year. Radiation becomes harmful > 700 mGy/year (According to the National Council on Radiation Protection, the average person receives about 3.6 mGy/year from background sources and a dental X-ray is about .005 mGy).

• The official policy, linear non-threshold, is invalid, based not on science, but on antinuclear ideology

• End regulations based on politicized science


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