Comments on “Radiological Protection of People and the Environment”

Mohan Doss
USA World

Mohn Doss, Medical Physicist in Diagnostic Imaging: The ICRP should rewrite the draft document based on the observed health effects of exposure to low-level radiation rather than the extrapolation of high dose data to low doses. It is not logical to determine the health effect of taking a single caplet of medicine by extrapolating the health effect of taking 50, 100, 200, 400, etc. caplets at a time, though it would be mathematically simple and convenient to do. It would be very unwise and dangerous to take actions based on such extrapolations. The ICRP should discontinue the use of the LNT model, discontinue the recommendations of low annual public radiation dose limits, and limit its discussions to avoidance of high radiation doses to the radiation workers and the public in the case of nuclear accidents.


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