Another nail in the LNT coffin

Andrew Montford
GWPF - Global Warming Policy Forum
The universe is full of radiation energy. It is beautiful. Humanity must make every possible use of it like we make use of everything else in the universe.

Andrew Montford, Deputy Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, GWPF, UK: The linear no-threshold (LNT) model applies to the harms caused by nuclear radiation. The LNT model encapsulates the idea that there is no safe level of radiation exposure, no threshold below which exposure is not a problem. It is therefore the cause of all extraordinary levels of bureaucracy and safety measures that have all but killed off the nuclear industry in much of the western world. The evidence that the LNT model is hopelessly wrong, and that we have been lied to for nearly a century, is now overwhelming. It is surely time for the government to commission a complete review of the question of radiation safety.


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