Germany's green transition

O Lundseng, et al
Germany Norwary

Oddvar Lundseng, Hans Konrad Johnsen, Stein Storlie Bergsmark, specialists in energy, Norway: The dream of supplying Germany with mainly green energy from sun and wind turns out to be nothing but a fading illusion. Solar and wind power today covers only 27 percent of electricity consumption and only 5 percent of Germany’s total energy needs. Construction of solar- and wind farms has already caused massive devastation to German nature. The northern part of Germany looks like a single big wind farm. There is no indication that the world consumption of coal will decline in the next decades. Large countries in Asia and Africa continue to build coal-fired power plants. More than 1,500 coal-fired power plants are under planning and/or construction. This will provide affordable electricity 24/7 to 1.3 billion people not having electricity today.


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