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(Kojima, Thukimoto, Cuttler, Inoguchi, Ootaki, Shimura, Koga, Murata) Canada Japan - Recovery From Rheumatoid Arthritis After Low Dose Radiation
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S. Kojima, Tokyo U. of Science, M. Thukimoto, Tokyo U. of Science, Jerry Cuttler, Cuttler Assoc., K. Inoguchi, Drainage Co., T. Ootaki, Ootaki Clinic, N. Shimura, Ohu U., H. Koga, Lead and Company, A. Murata, Lead and Company - All in Japan, except J. Cuttler in Canada: This article reports on the near-complete recovery of a patient who had been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA, for 10 years. Such a long-term course of treatments and follow-up maintenance for RA could be carried out in any hospital that has these low-dose radiation therapy rooms. After six months of this treatment, the pain throughout her body almost disappeared. After two years of treatment, her appetite and muscular strength were restored.

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