Today: 20.Apr.2021
(ANS - HPS) USofA - Conference 2018, [] [] Wade Allison UK
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Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom: Public support for nuclear energy. Choosing source of energy. Biology's defence strategy. Defence against an oxidative attack. Animals at Chernobyl unaware of radiation but with complete cellular protection. Benefiting from absence of humans! Evidently the curse that damaged human lives came from regulations, not radiation. Recommendations: Reinstate the use of a threshold dose rate for Radiation Protection, for instance 50 mGy per month (ICRP 1934). Cease reference to accumulated and collective dose. Teach children how life is protected by natural mechanisms. Reduce cost of nuclear technology by ensuring that all safety provision is based on science. Explain that Radon in the natural environment is not a danger. Explain that radioactive waste by available technology is no problem

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