Today: 17.May.2021

John Shanahan, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: Plentiful, reliable, safe, environmentally sound energy is essential for the modern world. So are water supply and waste water treatment, food supply, sound economies, well run governments, good education systems, and peaceful relations with one another and between countries. How do we achieve these conditions? Should we go back to the way things were long ago or work to find good solutions using everything available today? This article focuses on one aspect of food production, mono-culture, large scale farming.

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John Shanahan, civil engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: Denver, Colorado, USA has experienced 70 to 80 degree temperature changes in two days. This weather pattern along with blizzards, floods and hurricanes in other parts of the world cause the poor and homeless to suffer and die and livestock to perish. Which is most important for the world to deal with: extreme weather, natural climate change, man-made climate change? Should nuclear energy experts be focusing on man-made climate change or on existence threatening problems in government, industry and public thinking? This presents all sides so you can decide.

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John Shanahan, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA, website:, civil engineer: Biographical summary. In retirement, he is working to contribute to global public education about nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, and nuclear science and why they are important for PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT. His goal is to work with people in all countries.

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