Today: 17.May.2021

John Shanahan, Civil Engineer, initiated a letter to John Holdren, Director of Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House, dated Feb. 1, 2010. The letter made three recommendations. See his reply. Search keywords "Holdren reply".

1) We believe it’s imperative to accelerate the licensing and building of the kind of reactors now in use, commonly called thermal reactors.

2) Along with the critical need for nuclear energy is the urgent call for the isotopes of nuclear medicine.

3) Development of fourth-generation nuclear reactors will be needed if nuclear power is to expand significantly beyond its present market penetration

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John Shanahan asks, "What would the world be like if we didn't have plentiful energy for the seven plus billion people?" After a period of time, the world might revert back to what is shown in this video. What do you think?

John Dendahl and John Shanahan, Board of Directors members for Go Nuclear. Presentation to the Colorado School of Mines: Nuclear Energy: Past and Future

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John Shanahan, President of Go Nuclear and President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - USA. Presentation to the Denver Mining Club: Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy and all their by-products are Important for Humanity and the Environment.