Today: 22.Oct.2020

Ludwig Feinendegen M.D., former director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany, 2010 Marie Curie Prize: Levels of biological organization. Steps to cancer. Physiological defenses. Low dose radiation can up-regulate physiological defenses. Adaptive protection after acute low-LET irradiation.

Mohan Doss, medical physicist: Top three diseases of concern - cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's. The LNT model presents a major obstacle for performing investigative studies of prevention and treatment using low-dose radiation, in spite of available evidence. Change to a radiation protection paradigm based on radiation hormesis can facilitate progress in these and other diseases.

James Conca, Ph.D. scientist in the fields of Earth and environmental sciences: Globally, the cost for compliance to LNT-based standards is upwards of US $1 trillion.

Antonne (Tony) Brooks, radiation biologist: The physics of radiation does not describe how biolgical systems respond to low doses of radiation. Research has shown that the Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis is not suppoted by science and most scientists agree that it overestimates radiation hazardsiin the low dose region.