Today: 28.Oct.2020

Edward Calabrese, Professor of Toxicology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst: This introduction is by John D Dunn, MD. The National Academy of Science research project on effects of radiation refused to review and include the research that showed that Japanese atomic bomb survivors did not suffer mutations -- in other words, the Linear No Threshold (LNT) claims about radiation caused mutations were not just wrong, they were based on previous fraudulent fruit fly research by Muller that hid faulty findings and bad methods. Muller got his Nobel and took off on his project to promote Linear No Threshold radiation biophysics while suppressing the evidence that he was wrong. Muller had a chance to wave his Nobel and influence a decade of radiation biophysics and then, to make it worse, general toxicology with his goofy LNT song and dance. The National Academy of Science committees were complicit in the deception.

Andrew Montford, Deputy Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, GWPF, UK: The linear no-threshold (LNT) model applies to the harms caused by nuclear radiation. The LNT model encapsulates the idea that there is no safe level of radiation exposure, no threshold below which exposure is not a problem. It is therefore the cause of all extraordinary levels of bureaucracy and safety measures that have all but killed off the nuclear industry in much of the western world. The evidence that the LNT model is hopelessly wrong, and that we have been lied to for nearly a century, is now overwhelming. It is surely time for the government to commission a complete review of the question of radiation safety.

Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom: Public support for nuclear energy. Choosing source of energy. Biology's defence strategy. Defence against an oxidative attack. Animals at Chernobyl unaware of radiation but with complete cellular protection. Benefiting from absence of humans! Evidently the curse that damaged human lives came from regulations, not radiation. Recommendations: Reinstate the use of a threshold dose rate for Radiation Protection, for instance 50 mGy per month (ICRP 1934). Cease reference to accumulated and collective dose. Teach children how life is protected by natural mechanisms. Reduce cost of nuclear technology by ensuring that all safety provision is based on science. Explain that Radon in the natural environment is not a danger. Explain that radioactive waste by available technology is no problem

John Dunn, MD, JD:Is it time for the USEPA to reconsider the use of the LNT model in LDDR radiation environments in the regulatory process, especially in the tools it has developed to determine cleanup levels? We have presented scientific information addressing this question. Change does not occur quickly or easily within government frameworks. It took decades of institutional inertia to arrive at the current irresponsible and unscientific regulatory framework. Source from