Today: 01.Dec.2020

SAMRAI 2014 was held on March 24, 2015 as the First Scientific Advisory Meeting for Radiation and Accurate Information in the First Diet Member's Hall of the House of Representatives, Tokyo, Japan.The main theme was "Scientific understanding of low dose-rate radiation in Fukushima and the issue of rehabilitation in the 20km zone."

Mohn Doss, Medical Physicist in Diagnostic Imaging. Research on Health Effects of Low Dose Radiation Specialties - When the effect of adaptive response is included, there is no linear increase in final total damage with dose for low doses, and no reason to even propose the LNT hypothesis..

Mohan Doss.Medical Physics, Vol. 40, No. 3, March 2013 In summary, the two observations, (i) the ultimately counter-productive effect of some antiangiogenesis therapies because of ignoring adaptive response of tumor cells, and (ii) the effectiveness of incidental adaptive response (enhanced immune response due to low dose radiation to parts of the body) in eliminating untreated lesions at sites away from the high dose radiation-treated tumors, demonstrate the potential importance of considering adaptive response when estimating biological effects from external agents such as radiation.