Today: 21.Apr.2021

Leon Louw - South Africa’s need for a reliable, clean form of base load power couldn’t be clearer. The prolonged period of ‘load shedding’, brought on by a severe overreliance on coal, is having a catastrophic effect on South Africa’s promising economy with only 1.5% GDP growth in 2014; the lowest since the financial crisis in 2009 (World Bank).

Published in South Africa

Vijay Jayaraj, Climate Scientist, Contributor to Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: It is easy to associate climate skepticism with the Republican Party and climate alarmism with the Democratic Party. It’s also easy to brand skeptics as beneficiaries of big oil and proponents of unfettered capitalism and alarmists as in the pocket of big wind and solar and boosters of socialist central planning. But attitudes about climate change transcend political ideologies, and they should. Here are a few reasons why I, as a climate scientist, am a skeptic.

Published in India

Matt Ridley - No man is an island. No energy source is an island. No cause is an island. Each energy source competes based on price, reliability, environmental issues, expandability, magnitude of supply, operations, maintenance, land area required, location relative to centers of population. This article provides a good overview and identifies the problems facing each source, including nuclear.

Published in UK

Christopher Monckton: There are references in Pope Francis' climate encyclical that there is a sever warming of the climate. Yet satellites show no warming of the lower troposphere for 18 years 5 months. Just 41 papers, or 0.3% of 11,944 climate papers published in the 21 years 1991-2011, stated that recent warming was mostly manmade. There is, therefore, no scientific consensus, and in recent decades - little warming.

Published in Vatican City