Today: 19.Jun.2021

Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry, Chairman, German Wildlife Foundation: The sun was strongly subnormal in March 2019. It showed only about 33% of the activity averaged over this cycle month. The global mean temperature in March was still only 0.34 ° C above the long-term average from 1979 to 2010, based on satellite measurements the level of the year 2010. Wood combustion will not contribute to reducing CO2 in the coming decades, contrary to the well-known political assessment and the extraordinarily high subsidy. Wood has a comparably low energy density and initially generates significantly more CO2 per kW of heat than fossil fuels do. GO TO PAGE FIVE FOR ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

Published in Germany

Michael Shellenberger, Founder - President of Environmental Progress: Bernie Sanders is determined to have his state, Vermont, and all of America stop using nuclear. He uses his own facts about wind and solar energy and biomass fuels. Michael Shellenberger does an excellent job of presenting the facts and the truth about energy and the environment.

Published in USA

John Dunn, MD, JD:This is my second exhibit to refute Dr. NG's assertion that the NAS, AAAS, Government Agency sponsored scientists who make up the "establishment" of science create a reliable "consensus" and Dr. Happer's committee is an offense to the science integrity project.

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Brian Dingwall, writer for In 1212 another Crusade to the Holy Land took place, and this one has the popular name ‘the Children’s Crusade’, because it is thought to have been prompted by visions that came to children in France and Germany, and because many children took part in it. Some were sold into slavery. The name was also given to a civil rights movement in the USA in 963.

What we saw in March 2019 could be given the same appellation, though this time the focus was on ‘climate change’. A 14-year-old was quoted as saying; "My demands are short and simple: No Adani coal mine, no exports of coal from Australia, and all future additions to electricity must be through alternative sources, not fossil fuels." As the interview developed, it became clear that while Ambrose had only three simple demands, he had almost literally no idea of what he was promoting. When the interviewer pointed out gently that stopping all coal exports would make no difference to anyone other than Australians, whose standards of living would drop alarmingly, Ambrose seemed to indicate that didn’t matter. It was important that Australia showed the way.

It sounded very much like the Children’s Crusade of 1212, whose youthful participants had little idea of what actually was the case in what we now call Israel and Palestine. But, like the marchers last week, they knew they were right, while the students knew that they were the real victims of their elders’ folly in not dealing with climate change much earlier.

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