Today: 15.May.2021

Kelvin Kemm explains why people in South Africa should be excited about nuclear power. The arguments apply to many countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Published in South Africa

Kelvin Kemm, other scientists, nuclear engineers and leaders in South Africa are showing the world that plentiful electrical energy is one of the most important things for improving lives of people with less and maintaining the good life for people who already are doing well. Dr. Kemm travels the world from Russia to Vietnam to Bolivia and is leading efforts across the African Continent helping people learn about the importance of nuclear energy for the long term future.

Published in South Africa

Calvin Beisner analyses the position of Catholic Bishops to urge decarbonization of the world (stop using fossil fuels), and do it quickly.

Published in USA

Brian Fraga writes in the National Catholic Register on Man-Made Climate Change from a Catholic Perspective. The conclusions are that use of fossil fuels is causing serious global warming and almost every other serious negative change in the climate, but none of the good changes. The indication is that the leaders of the Catholic Church want the world to stop using fossil fuels or implement programs that would probably not keep Earth's climate where it is today or was fifty or one hundred years ago. The programs would transfer wealth from First World countries who are using fossil fuels to Third World countries who will continue to use fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels, Third World countries will be worse off than they are today.

Published in Vatican City