Today: 15.May.2021

The Catholic Church has been fairly consistent in supporting the hypothesis of catastrophic man-made global warming. In 2015, the leaders of the Church are recommending that the world stop using fossil fuels in all areas by 2050. What will the world be like if the world decides to stop using fossil fuels before they are exhausted?

Published in Vatican City

David Siegel is an accomplished author, analyst about topics the world is struggling with, and consultant helping to improve businesses. This interview describes his journey to understand the topic of Man-Made Global Warming and its relative importance compared with other problems the world is facing.

Book Brief: Alan Waltar, "AMERICA THE POWERLESS." This is an excellent book that is still in print. We encourage people everywhere to read it. There are four cases for nuclear power today:

1) countries going ahead with plentiful new nuclear power plants

2) countries operating nuclear power plants but not adding many more

3) countries getting out of nuclear power

4) countries that don't have nuclear power yet

Reading this book is important to people everywhere.

Published in USA

Pope Francis is genuinely concerned about the poor and environment. The most obvious results of abandoning use of fossil fuels is continued extreme poverty and terrible living conditions for over one billion people in the Third and Fourth World today. It also would mean the return to a way of living in the First and Second World as it was two hundred years ago. Very simple living, human muscle, horse and cattle power, and probably slavery like it existed for hundreds of years. It is unfortunate that this Pope and all the Climate Change Alarmists don't acknowledge that. Many leaders in the great religions of the world don't want those consequences.

Published in Vatican