Today: 17.May.2021

Mark Landsbaum, writer for the Cornwall Alliance: We’re told global warming gives us only 5, 10, 12 more years (depending on the doomsayer) before the planet is irretrievably doomed. “Therefore, act now!” alarmists demand. Of course, they’ve been saying the same thing for 10, 20, 25 years. It’s become impossible to spoof these people…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist Green Deal is so laughably ridiculous. advancing the idea that every building in the nation must be retrofitted to meet entirely arbitrary standards to protect against the entirely un-dangerous, pretend threat of global warming would have been a non-starter, even among the looniest of the loony left. Too say nothing of abolishing all airline flights, getting rid of cows that fart and eliminating every vehicle with internal combustion engines in 10 years, as AOC proposes.

Global warming alarmists demand everyone must pay up, sacrifice and comply because the alleged threat is worldwide. That’s another part of the scam’s beauty. No one can escape footing the bill – unless granted specific wavers from those who run the system, the regulatory masters, who nearly put the coal industry out of business under the last global warming-inclined presidential administration. As in the Soviet Union, it’s always the insiders’ cronies who are exempted from compliance.

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Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Biology, Stanford University, Ann Ehrlich, author of books on over population and ecology, John Holdren, American scientist who served as the senior advisor to President Barack Obama on science and technology issues: What have these three done that is ehrlich science for people everywhere? Overpopulations was an early concern and interest. In a 1969 article, Holdren and co-author Paul R. Ehrlich argued that, “if the population control measures are not initiated immediately, and effectively, all the technology man can bring to bear will not fend off the misery to come.” In 1973 Holdren encouraged a decline in fertility to well below replacement in the United States, because “210 million now is too many and 280 million in 2040 is likely to be much too many.” Please use the enlarge slide bar to read.

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John Shanahan is a civil engineer and past president of Go Nuclear, Inc. and Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: There is a titanic struggle over the topic of man-made global warming and man-made sea level rise. The struggle exists on five levels: a) among scientists who have a good knowledge of physics and chemistry related to carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and its role in the entire subject of atmospheric, ocean and land sciences, b) among politicians, c) among people who are determined to save the world from fossil fuels and man-made carbon dioxide, no matter the effects on humanity, d) among other scientists and engineers who claim to have the answers, d) among the public who have very little to no knowledge of atmospheric science, but nevertheless are sure they know the correct answers. A second important topic relates to advocates for nuclear energy who claim to have the answers. If they are wrong about man-made global warming, how can they be trusted with information about nuclear energy. The absolute truth will only come from nature in time. The question is, "How many big mistakes will humans make on this topic before the truth is fully known?

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David Legates, Professor of Geography and Climatology, former Director of the Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware, and a Senior Fellow of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: Is a warmer climate and more carbon dioxide a net benefit to life on the planet? The answer to this question is a resounding “YES.” More people die from exposure to cold than heat. A longer growing season is more beneficial to feeding a growing population. Carbon dioxide is plant food. So, what is the climatic benefit of spending trillions of dollars for inaccurate computer model "research," forcing the world to stop using fossil fuels and putting people's lives back to the Middle Ages?

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