Today: 19.Jun.2021

United Nations, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: This world body warns that use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic man-made global warming and we must stop using fossil fuels. We must sequester carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We must charge a carbon tax. We must go back to the way life was before the Industrial Revolution. But we must continue to mine materials needed for wind turbines and solar panels using fossil fuels and transport these things to installation sites using fossil fuels, and service, repair, replace and dispose of wind turbines and solar panels using fossil fuels. What a confused and impoverished future the UN is planning for us. All for nothing.

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John Shanahan, civil engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: Who does not like plants, animals, people and nature? Where do we come from? Through all the processes of life, we come mostly from carbon dioxide in the air and rain water. Here are some answers, some photos of life and some questions about the future.

John Shanahan, civil engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: At Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA, we aim to be respectful and appreciative of the environment and nature in general. As advocates for nuclear power, we aim to have the best managed nuclear power programs for the whole world. That requires cooperation and teamwork across countries to minimize problems. How well can mankind do using nuclear power? To answer this, we look at how well mankind can do displaying nature in ideal situations in botanic gardens. In these photos in the Denver Botanic Gardens, every tree, blade of grass, flower and bush is placed by professional gardeners. We can, we must do as well with nuclear power.

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Vijay Jayaraj, Climate Scientist, Contributor to Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: Environmental problems have become part of our everyday lives. There isn’t a news website homepage that does not highlight news related to our environment, and environmental issues have become central themes of major elections. But we have reached a point where we no longer understand the role of man in the environment around us. What brought us here? Humans and the environment are inseparable. Whether you are a theist or an atheist, you cannot be disconnected from the environment. All of human civilization’s needs come from the environment.

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